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New AlexFace “Look Forward” Looks Good



Everybody loves a hand–finished edition of prints.  There’s just something so damn magical about knowing an artist took the time to breathe some life and personality into what could have otherwise been a dull, mass-produced stack of paper.  Sadly, a lot of “hand-finishing” from some artists these days is little more than a few randomly-scattered paint farts from an aerosol can…over what is still a massed-produced stack of paper.

This is most definitely NOT the case with AlexFace’s “Look Forward”…

Via a shit-ton of paint, brushes, late nights, wrist massages, and breaks for ice cream/herbal enhancements, AlexFace has managed to knock out one of most distinct and variable series we’ve ever produced.  To use the term “hand-finished edition” is almost a misnomer here.  This is essentially an individually unique series of original watercolors from the artist, with a bit of screen-printing sprinkled on top.

I won’t even bother with the whole “here’s some photos, but they don’t do it justice” bit.
In person, cellulose-to-eye, is really the only way to appreciate these lovelies.

A small series of AlexFace’s “Look Forward” releases via Souled Out Studios on March 3, 2015.

Follow the paint-splattered globe-trotter here: AlexFace