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Jralla’s ‘Pandora’ Print in Silver and Gold



Jralla’s ‘Pandora’ print edition is a run of crisp, handmade screen-prints available in two size formats.  The image is a personal take on the Pandora’s Box* myth and produced using softened metallic tones of gold, silver, copper, and matte inks.

At one meter (39.3 inches) in height, the Gold XL version of Pandora is definitely one of the largest and more challenging print dimensions we’ve made, but it looks seriously impressive.

The smaller silver version offers a more standard frame size.

Both versions are being currently prepared for release via Souled Out Studios, and a few color variants in each size will be made available via The Last Kitchen.

Stay Tuned.


(*Pandora’s Jar in the original myth.  Seriously.  Check it out.)

Release Date: Tuesday, December 13th 2016 at 4pm (GMT) via Souled Out Studios.