Welcome to The Last Kitchen, specializing in contemporary and urban printmaking since 2004



The Last Kitchen could be best described as a wildly experimental journey into the divine realm of simply not giving a fuck. In a more physical sense, it is a small printmaking studio located in a building that should have been condemned as a threat to public safety many years ago. Despite its humble appearance, this little crevice has been the birth canal of (in the opinion of some) a rather badass assortment of screenprinted artwork for nearly two decades.

The Last Kitchen is not a registered company, employs no permanent staff, has no mission statement, and probably exists as more of a vague concept than anything else. Regardless of these facts, the Kitchen’s modus operandi has been relatively unchanged since its inception. It is a place viciously dedicated to all things original, and remains a beautifully disgusting machine of creativity fueled by a mixture of long nights, skipped lunches, paint, and sweat.



Jralla is a short-armed, fat-fingered, awkward little American printmaker. He first fell in love with serigraphy as co-founder and resident screenprinter for Souled Out Studios; and the printed arts have since become his driving passion in life. The Last Kitchen has always served as his personal stomping ground, and out of this tiny vapor-filled room he has produced thousands of prints for dozens of friends and fellow artists. However, while many of the editions and artwork cooked therein have become widely known, very few people have actually witnessed any of the fascinating, tragic, and pants-pissingly hilarious tales spun within the Kitchen’s four crumbling walls. Jralla was forced to admit that some of these stories were simply too good to keep to himself and eventually he got around to making a little website about it all.

When not writing pretentious third-person narratives he often enjoys exploring chemically-altered states of consciousness, testing the rope strength of local hammocks, and generally attempting to eff the ineffable.

He can usually be found lurking somewhere around the right-hand side of your nearest world map.