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Mau-Mau’s ‘Strëëtsy’ Leads the Way



It’s December, and we’ve once again got the unstoppable force that is Mau-Mau in our midst.  Somehow, between preparing for his upcoming joint show with Beejoir that opens next week, and co-producing a live-action short film (stay tuned), the man managed to create the awesomeness you see before you here.

‘Strëëtsy’ is a hand-sprayed edition of Mau-Mau’s classic street piece rendered on laser-cut industrial sheet aluminum that’s probably thick enough to stop a bullet.  An intense amount of work and planning went into the creation of this edition, so when the usual cloud of paint fumes and ‘airborne herbal aromas‘ finally cleared, we weren’t at all surprised to find one of the greatest original editions we’ve ever released.


These beauties are currently out now via Souled Out Studios, but we seriously doubt they’ll be available for long.

Tokyo Show

Take a visual journey through the photos below, and should you happen to be in Tokyo next week, be sure to check out Mau-Mau & Beejoir’s joint show.

You can always check out Mau-Mau’s latest vibes here.

Remember to check out the Beejoir x Mau-Mau show if you’re in town.
…..Might even be able to grab of these coveted golden pigs.