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Dyslexics, Scrabble freaks, and public transport enthusiasts rejoice! The latest hit in CHU’s original signage remixes is cooked and now available to the public.

 Continuing an odd streak of red ‘n’ blue themed editions we’ve recently been producing, CHU’s latest is a clever rework of the ubiquitous London underground logo…and may even bring a particular station to mind.

 This edition made its successful debut at last month’s Moniker Art Fair in London. However, out of fairness to anyone who couldn’t make it to the show, a few pieces will be made available online via Souled Out Studios. Needless to say, this print pairs perfectly with CHU’s ‘SODTHERICH‘ edition that we previously produced with him.

 A few photos of the printing process are viewable below, although it was a pretty straightfoward print run and turned out to be a very digable piece. Clean, simple, strangely elegant, and pleasantly mindfucking.

Lay hold of this print here.

Gape in amazement at more of CHU’s insanity & genius here: www.schudio.co.uk