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TRK x DUBWAY Art Print Series



The Last Kitchen is seriously hyped to announce an all-new series of limited edition prints from TRK (Teerayut Puchpen) in collaboration with DUBWAY.  Since its inception, the DUBWAY collective has been a pioneer of bass music and underground culture in the Eastern hemisphere, and TRK’s artwork has been inseparable from the group’s foundation.   Each of these small editions of 25 prints was created from one of TRK’s meticulously handmade ink & pencil originals, and screen printed at a 1:1 scale to preserve every weird detail.  

TRK’s signature style of high-contrast colors and dark, unearthly images promise to look great hanging in your bone-strewn chambers of the Netherworld and/or sunny breakfast nook.

Check below for some process photos and a background of the artist and the DUBWAY crew.

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Teerayut Puchpen, known artistically as TRK, is a painter, street artist, and illustrator whose work is easily visible throughout the urban landscape in his native city of Bangkok. His meticulous hand-style and haunting, otherworldly images have made TRK’s designs and gallery shows a favorite among those seeking a darker side of the art spectrum. When he’s not visually conjuring beasts of the Abyss, TRK works as resident art director for Preduce Skateboards, the first established skate company in Thailand; and his past credits also include brands like Converse, Grammy, and YouWorkForThem. Along with artists like AlexFace and BON, TRK is definitely one to watch in the urban art scene’s rising wave of talent from the East. We here in the Kitchen look forward to working with him. 


DUBWAY’s roots can be traced as far back as 1997, when Bangkok-based DJs Dragon and Wen, along with MC Abu, formed Homebass Communications, a collective aimed at promoting underground Hip Hop and Drum ’n’ Bass throughout Asia.  After more than a decade of successful music festivals, radio shows, and sweaty party nights, Homebass began promoting DUBWAY, a monthly event focused on Dubstep and the broader spectrum of bass music and culture.  DUBWAY’s distinct style was forged by the veteran bass duo of DJ Dragon & MC Sinnamon, and has since hosted heavyweight acts like DJ Krush, Goth Trad, RSD, High Rankin, Ena, Truth, 2000F, Greg G, and Alpha Steppa.  Somewhere along the journey, TRK joined this team as de facto artist, and his designs are now as synonymous with DUBWAY as the group’s wall-shaking sound.

Please feel free to stalk TRK on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/TRK.THUN

You can check out the DUBWAY team’s latest runnings here: www.facebook.com/dubwaybkk

Most photos displayed herein were yoinked from TRK & DUBWAY’s Facebook pages, with all due credit to their respective owners.