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Sexiest ‘MauMaid’ Ever Made


Got a fetish for tastefully-nude, mythological, sea-dwelling pin-up girls?

 …So do we.

 After some skillful artistry from Mau Mau, an assload of editing, and four screen re-designs, we finally succeeded in cooking up the most subtle and stunning Mau Mau mermaid print we’ve ever produced.

 This gorgeous water nymph is due to be released from our trawl nets to the public on March 4th around 4pm GMT via Souled Out Studios..

 Keep track of Mau Mau’s latest adventures here: www.mau-mau.co.uk

 Though they do hardly her justice, feel free to check out her glamour shots below.

Photos of our New Mau Mau Mermaid Print: