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Remembering ‘Studio 1’: The First Last Kitchen


So, we’ve allowed ourselves to be seduced by the bright lights of the big city and decided to move our printmaking headquarters out of the sticks and into a more central location. This is a practical decision and we’re hyped about it, but having to shut down our oldest and most-loved studio in the process has been pretty tearful. 

It is with heavy hearts and dirty hands that we wave a fond farewell to the filthy little hole that started it all. Over the next few weeks we’ll be packing up whatever earthly possessions we can salvage from our humble abode and moving the whole operation down to the big city.

While we’re giddy as schoolgirls about the prospect of relocating to our new printmaking quarters, there’s almost a tangible sense of sadness that hangs over us as we ditch the locale that could easily be argued to be our birthplace.

 Over time, our use of the term “studio” sort of evolved to loosely designate whatever location we happened to be working in that week. We’ve kept a number of actual brick-and-mortar studios through the years, but we’ve also used everything from hotel balconies to unheated garages as spots to cook up our artwork in a pinch. The studio referred to in this article is something wholly different though.

 This is our home. This is where we began.

 For the better part of the past decade, nearly every printed edition released through Souled Out Studios has been concocted in this tiny chamber. This is the first printmaking studio we ever set up and the only one we’ve steadily maintained through the years. Sometimes referred to as ‘Studio 1’, ‘The Northeast’, or simply ‘The Kitchen’, it has always been our home base and stoically withstood all our abuse and adventures in art production.

We could probably fill volumes singing praises of this paint-splattered temple and reminiscing on all the good, bad, and incredibly weird times we’ve spent here. For now though, we’ll just have to seek solace in that wise old adage about how all good things must eventually come to an end.

As always, thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years. We’ll soon be settled into our new digs and back to our usual witchcraft. Catch ya then.