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A Very Well-Blung Set of Mau Mau’s ‘Kryptonite Fox’ Printer’s Proofs


We finally got around to completing some special proofs of Mau Mau’s ‘Kryptonite Fox’. We originally planned to cook and release these at the same time as the original larger edition was released through Souled Out Studios, however, Mau Mau was seriously on a roll with work during his last visit with us. Ultimately, we simply decided to put these beauties on hold until the haze of spray paint and herbal smoke settled.

 We’re happy to release this attractive set of 10 metallic silver background printer’s proofs this week. Also, we’ve just knocked out a special set of background-less Kryptonite Foxes that are currently en route to the artist to be hand-finished in his studio. From the sounds of it, they’ll be pretty impressive.

You can always check out what the man himself is up to at www.mau-mau.co.uk