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‘BD2014’ Cooked By Jralla The Awkward


Inspired by, concocted under the influence of, and dedicated to Dr. Hofmann’s greatest chemical discovery.

 Bicycle Day is one of the few holidays (if it can even be considered such) that we take seriously around here.

 April 19, 1943 was a day that we believe profoundly influenced the course of human evolution, and this is our humble tribute to that point in history. Though this is only a small edition of 19, some hardcore love & effort went into the production of this series. This is also a ‘charity’ edition since a portion of the revenue from this hit will be donated to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

 So, there you have it…A 4-layer, hand-cut & sprayed original edition stenciled over a filmless hand-made silver serigraph background from your friendly local printmaker to all you cyclists and psychelists out there.

 Drop Hard * Love Onward,

 Jralla the Awkward