'BD2014' Released Just in Time for Bicycle Day


The Last Kitchen's own Jralla The Awkward cooks up an original handmade edition for all you cyclists and psychelists.

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Sexiest 'MauMaid' Ever Made


Mau-Mau's latest fishtailed vixen is lookin' smooth and soon to be released in early March.

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We're pretty stoked to announce that the latest in CHU's signage remix print series is now available online.

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In Memory of MAMAFAKA 1978-2013


We're supremely bummed to report that our good friend and fellow artist, MAMAFAKA, passed away recently. He will be fondly remember by his family, friends, and fans.

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Fresh New Edition from AlexFACE Drops in September

hammock life

While AlexFACE is currently off exhibiting his latest original work at a solo show in Korea, we've been in the studio cooking up his most recent edition.

This particular release will be a small one (about 30-40 prints), and we expect it to fly out as quickly as his previous pieces have.

Stay tuned to the Last Kitchen and Souled Out Studios for more details and release dates.

The Aptly Titled Hayden Kays Edition called 'VOTE'


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New 'Cyclops Industries' Print Soon to be Released

ooga booga

The newest, latest, freshest Cyclops joint straight from the Kitchen and launching by way of Souled Out Studios in the very near future.

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Remembering 'Studio 1': The Original Soul Lab & First Last Kitchen

out with the old...

So, we've allowed ourselves to be seduced by the bright lights of the big city and decided to move our printmaking headquarters out of the sticks and into a more central location. This is a practical decision and we're hyped about it, but having to shut down our oldest and most-loved studio in the process has been pretty tearful.

Grab a box of tissues and click the link below for more info and photos.

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One Remaining Set of Beejoir's 'Terror' Canvases Up For Grabs

Pure terror
Terror in Black

Though this edition has technically already sold out when it was released through Souled Out Studios, we ended up with one remaining set of both white and black canvases due to an order mix up with one of our usual galleries.

So, for anyone who may have missed out on the original release, here's a second chance to lay hands on one of Beejoir's classic pieces.

A Very Well-Blung Set of Mau Mau's 'Kryptonite Fox' Printer's Proofs

One twisted fox..
Mau Mau's superfresh fox in some superpowered Y-fronts.

We finally got around to completing some special proofs of Mau Mau's 'Kryptonite Fox'. We originally planned to cook and release these at the same time as the original larger edition was released through Souled Out Studios, however, Mau Mau was seriously on a roll with work during his last visit with us. Ultimately, we simply decided to put these beauties on hold until the haze of spray paint and herbal smoke settled.

We're happy to release this attractive set of 10 metallic silver background printer's proofs this week. Also, we've just knocked out a special set of background-less Kryptonite Foxes that are currently en route to the artist to be hand-finished in his studio. From the sounds of it, they'll be pretty impressive. You can always check out what the man himself is up to at www.mau-mau.co.uk

More details and ordering info can be found at the link below.

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A Continental Breakfast with the Toasters Crew

Toasters hitting up BKK...
A freshly toasted slice of our cityscape.

We're totally stoked to announce that we had a chance to hook up with the world (in)famous Toasters crew recently. While visiting, they got up to all their usual toasty mischief and had a chat with us to plan a pretty sharp new edition of prints. Click the link below for more info and some pretty pictures.

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Liam Morgan's 'Gecko Death #1 - Starvation' Just Released

Gecko Death tests
Gecko Death #1 - Starvation

Renowned photographer/artist Liam Morgan has just completed his first edition of prints with The Last Kitchen.

This collaboration all began when we started wondering what would happen if we combined Morgan's wizardry in film photography with some of the techniques we employ in printmaking.

Ultimately, this experiment resulted in a really scary camera, a lot of paint mixing, and finally, a truly unique edition of prints. Expect more of this mad science later in the series this year. Click here for ordering info and more details.

Gecko Death tests
The final quality check and signing session.
Gecko negatives
The raw negatives from which this image was produced.
Gecko Death tests
The latest work poised beside the monstrous camera that gave birth to it.

Beejoir's Terror Canvases Safely Returned

In what can only be described as an outright miracle bestowed upon us by the international customs gods, Beejoir's Terror canvases are once again in our hands after being witheld in China for a brief stint of about 3 years.

Terror in White by Beejoir
Terror in White
Terror in Black by Beejoir
Terror in Black
Expect these beauties to launch through Souled Out Studios sometime in the coming weeks. Word around the campfire is that they'll be released in editions of about 50 per color.

Liam Morgan's 'Abandon/Decay' Solo Show and Morbid Fascination with Dead Lizards
Canadian-born photographer/artist Liam Morgan recently launched his first solo show of 2013, and we had the (somewhat life-threatening) privilege of helping him prepare the venue for the public eye. His 'Abandon/Decay' exhibition showcases some awesomely-captured states of...well...abandon and decay. The production quality of the prints in this series is such that I was surprised my grubby paws were even allowed near them.

Abandon/Decay is currently hosted by Kathmandu Gallery and runs until February 24th.

The setup
Nothing draws a crowd of art lovers like a 40kg piece of glass and wood suspended precariously over their heads by a rusty chain.
The signing
Signatures and Quality Control.
The pre-show vibes
Mission Accomplished.
The opening
Some revellers revelling on a successful opening night.
In related news, Morgan and the Last Kitchen are currently working on a little experiment in translating raw photographic elements into a beautiful edition of screenprints. So far, this quest has involved a heavily modified film camera, a lot of color tests, and a few dead geckos.

Expect an original edition via the Last Kitchen to be released in March 2013.

A departed soul, forever immortalized via the printed arts...assuming we ever find the right color for it.
Mau-Mau's Kryptonite Fox Out Now
The latest of Mau-Mau's 4-legged sidekicks has just been released through Souled Out Studios. If an herbally-enhanced super fox in Y-fronts doesn't make you giggle at least a little bit, you should probably seek professional therapy.

There will be a handful of printer's proofs available in the future, and I believe the artist may also be planning a small handfinished edition of A/Ps.

Checking Foxy's background colors and layout.
A Moment of Silence for the Tragic Demise of these Flood Victims
Our area often falls prey to floods and the subsequent water damage they bring along. A rescue effort was made to save this roll of canvas we found marinating in the soup last year. Looks like we were a little too late though.

Fortunately, this roll only contained few unfinished pieces from Beejoir and Luc Price, but the moral of the story is this:

Canvas and stankass flood juice don't mix. Keep your collection dry, folks.

LV Child
A little orphaned LV Child canvas reppin' the grime vibes.
The signing
A massive canvas we printed with Lucas that never saw the light of day.
MAMAFAKA's 'No Cartoon After News Tonight' Show Goes Fakkin' Mental
Local artist MAMAFAKA kicks off his last solo exhibition of 2012 in grand style. His latest collection of works blends his famed one-eyed HellYeah! designs with some cartoon classics. Also making an appearance at the show was a big (like, how-the-fuck-did-they-get-that-through-the-door? big) canvas showcasing his latest characters as well as a limited release of his prints in collaboration with the Last Kitchen.

Expect some fresh stuff from him via the Last Kitchen and Souled Out Studios in 2013.

The artist does his moustache thing.
A test proof of MMFK's 'Barbapapa' edition freshly baked in the Kitchen
Garfie & Papa Smurf.
The Last Kitchen's display of varied colorway proofs.
Martin Whatson's 'Eternal Reflection' Edition Done and Soon to be Released.....finally
Norwegian stencil artist Martin Whatson and the Last Kitchen have been working for weeks to produce his latest 'Eternal Reflection' edition. After countless emails, a few dozen color tests, and one serious printing mishap...these babies are at last fully cooked and looking sharp.

Presently, a massive bulletproof 20kg box containing the fruits of our labor is en route to Norway, so you can expect these prints to be released to the public via his website soon.

Spacey's margins after getting the snip.
Done and ready for takeoff.
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